Breathometer is a device that promises to turn your smartphone into a breathalyzer by using a free downloadable app and a compact sensing device. It can be taken with you wherever you go and, according to the company, it will give you an opportunity to make right decisions when drinking. The company behind the product was founded in 2012 and is based out of Burlingame, CA. It was originally featured on episode 505 of Shark Tank, a popular television show in the USA... read more


If you wish to protect your assets and family against an unexpected tragedy, it is a good option to buy a life insurance policy. SelectQuote is one of the best independent term life insurance agencies on the modern market that can help you get the best coverage at the reasonable price. In fact, this company claims they can assist you to save a lot of money in just a few minutes. But how does this agency really work? Do they offer high-rate life insurance... read more

Seniors United Insurance

At some point in your life, everyone starts thinking about buying life insurance. The modern market is filled with a great number of life insurance agencies but which one is really worth addressing? Seniors United Life Insurance is one of the best and popular providers in the USA. They focus mainly on seniors and claim to policy life insurance products to U.S. residents between the ages of 45 and 79. Actually, they guarantee your premiums will never increase and... read more


Shopping for a mortgage can be a difficult and confusing process. You can contact banks; get in touch with a broker; or send your personal information into the abyss by signing up for a mortgage comparison website. Sindeo is a company that gives you an opportunity to choose from more than forty lenders and 1,000+ loan programs, save about $20K over the process of your mortgage and close in just 15 days. The company claims to use technology to decrease paperwork and... read more


SoFi is a lender that promises to help you to refinance your private and federal student loans and to save you about $14K in the process. Besides, the company also offers new mortgages, mortgage refinancing, MBA loans, as well as personal and parent loans. All of these services come with more flexible terms and much lower rates, as well as unemployment protection, career support, and entrepreneur programs. In this way, the lender claims to have funded more than $3 billion in loans... read more

Stash Invest

Stash Invest is an automated investment application that is downloaded to your smartphone and allows you to invest funds starting with just $5. It looks like micro-investing combined with educational resource. The app differentiates from robo-advisors with provision of useful investment recommendations, after which you do the actual investing. At present, the service has about 500,000 users and continues to grow rapidly. In order to start using this micro-investing service, you will need... read more


Stockpile is a stock broker that operates mostly online. It does not only allow its users to buy and sell stocks but also provides gift cards that can be used toward the purchase of exchange and stocks - traded funds (ETFs). The service was created by CEO Avi Lele. He tells that he was looking to buy Christmas presents for his nephews and nieces, but he was looking for something more than just toys. He found stocks to be a good idea but this was too pricey for him. The man decided... read more

Stone Street Capital

If you need to convert your lottery winnings settlement, or annuity into a lump-sum payment, it is a good idea to address Stone Street Capital. The company is based in Maryland and offers structured settlements to its customers, helping them cash on a monthly basis. Is this company worth considering in order to get a lump for a cash amount? To find out the answer to this question, we will need to research the company, its services and how they work. We will take a look at what other... read more

Stop IRS Debt

If your wages are being decreased or your property is being levied because of a big tax debt, do not fall in despair. There is a company that is always there to help. Stop IRS Debt claims to help people and businesses to solve their financial problems. To accomplish this, they have a specially selected team of professional in-house attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and tax preparers (CPAs), who can help with negotiation, mediation, tax return planning, appeals representation... read more


If you need a loan from a reputable veteran-led company, you should consider StreetShares. This lender is a legitimate business, unlike many other modern lenders including traditional banks and mortgage companies. Their system has drastically changed since the Great Recession. Most people are skeptic about those organizations and do not trust them anymore. But what can you do if you are a business owner in needs of funds? Unlike other financial institutions, StreetShares promises... read more

Tax Defense Network

Tax Defense Network has been in business since 1997 as a company that protects your future by clearing your bank levies, IRS tax liens, and wage garnishments. It even promises to help you with unfiled taxes, payroll tax issues, and penalties and interest assessed by the IRS. The company assigns each client their special tax force team and employs an in-house tax attorney, unlike most competitors. Tax Defense Network says to serve more than 4,000 nationwide taxpayers each month and... read more

Dynamic Virtual Viewer

Virtual reality has become possible in the modern world, so you can be taken almost anywhere you wish. It is always interesting and fascinating to experience virtual worlds, even if it done with the help of a special viewer, for example, Dynamic Virtual Viewer. This device is designed to inspire bot education and fun. As soon as you wear it, 360-degree environments appear around you, above you, and behind you. This viewer is wireless and lightweight... read more


The internet plays a very important role in our lives not only when we are surfing the web. The number of smart devices requiring internet connection is constantly increasing. We have a lot of such devices in our homes, including thermostats, kitchen appliances, light bulbs, home automation devices, washers and dryers, and many others. Unfortunately, available Wi-Fi signals cannot handle this increased load very often... read more

HD Mirror Cam

HD Mirror Cam features a built-in 2.5" LCD and can be installed in just a few seconds. It usually functions as a temporary replacement for a rearview mirror in your car and provides with an opportunity to capture photos, audio and video. The device uses screen shut off mode for improved safety while you are driving your car. This LCD allows you to view your footage and other media almost instantly... read more

Kanoa Headphones

Whether you are running, biking, swimming, or performing any other kind of physical activity, you probably know that music can significantly increase your performance. But listening to music is not enough, it would be optimal for you to do this via a high-quality music device and headphones. The modern market is abundant with these kinds of products, both with wires and without them, but today we are going to focus on Kanoa Headphones... read more

Luma WiFi

There are many reasons for bad WiFi signal, but there is one effective way to cope with the problem. Usually, this could be solved by getting a range extender but this will create a whole new network and still there are risks of signal issues. There is no need to compromise your signal strength with Luma WiFi, a smart system that promises to provide reliable and fast internet. This is done due to the technology that was earlier available to large companies only... read more

Magic Finder

Magic Finder is a small, square plastic device that can be attached to keys, wallets, laptops, or even to your pet to help you find these things or animals if they are lost. I think you know what it is lie to have anything misplaced. All you want to do is to find this item as soon as possible and this white unit will help to do it really quickly. It is claimed on the manufacturer's official website that it uses a standard watch battery and can work up to 150 feet away... read more

Samsung Gear IconX

Even a few years ago, truly wireless earbuds were just a dream, but the modern market seems to offer a great number of options. More and more options continue entering the market each month. Samsung Gear IconX is probably one of the newest releases. These are cordless earbuds operating via Bluetooth. According to the company these earbuds are designed to stay in place no matter how active you are, whether you are jumping, running, or anything else... read more

Spark Pay

Spark Pay is a mobile card reader promising to provide you with a convenient and secure way to get credit card payments online, as well as to assist you run your business more effectively. In order to do this, their mobile payment system will let you receive payments from AMEX, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards. The operation can be processed in just a few seconds. The mobile card reader is offered by the reputable company called Capital One... read more


It is no surprise that many people often have difficulty finding their wallet, mobile phone or keys in the modern busy life. Fortunately, today's market provides a product that will definitely help you find your items fast and easily. It is called TrackR and the device was originally founded in 2009 by the company known as Phone Halo. The latter specializes in producing low-energy Bluetooth dongles designed to determine the location of any item they are attached to... read more


If you are tired of the same old sporting workout wear, you may want to get new brightly patterned printed garments offered by Fabletics. This online store will provide you with everything from leggings to crop tops with fashionable design. The company claims that they offer clothing specially cut in such a way as to keep pace with your lifestyle. Today the store of active lifestyle clothes is promoted by co-founder Kate Hudson, the actress with a super-fit shape starring in... read more

Fitbit Alta

Fitbit is a new tracker in the form of a band that is available in a lot of different models for you to choose from. If you try on all of them, you will conclude that the Fitbit Alta HR wins our vote. It costs $148.50 at It has a number of great features including basic phone notifications, heart-rate, and others. In addition, it has an attractive design. The tracker is comfortable, has a seven-day battery life without sacrificing any of its features... read more

Garden Genie Gloves

Garden Genie Gloves are specially created for working in the garden, since they allow the user to dig small holes and plant without using any other tools. The product is manufactured by the company called Garden Genie; however, this is not a reputable or popular company in the country. It does not seem to manufacture any other products. There is an official website but it mostly focuses on the gloves and their benefits. The site is full of claims and even contains an advertisement video... read more

Pocket Mouse

Pocket Mouse is a wireless mouse in the shape of a pen. This design allows you to comfortably use the device with more accuracy than while using a traditional mouse and a mouse pad. Due to the wireless technology this mouse can be used from just about anywhere. According to the manufacturer, it can be used up to 30 feet away from your device. This mouse can be used with any kind of devices such as laptop, tablet, or a desktop computer. Since Pocket Mouse feels like a pen you can... read more

Safe Grabs

Safe Grabs is a platter guard that protects your microwave oven against splatter. It also promises to provide you with some other benefits. According to the manufacturer of the product, you will be able to say goodbye to all those awkward platter protectors that rarely fit right, or those sets of pot holders meant to be used on hot bowls. This single unit is said to be used for many kitchen things. You are even said to get rid of your outdated collection of utensil rests... read more

Stove Ranger

Stove Ranger is a residential system that needs to be installed over your stove top and buried within the hood with the purpose of protecting your family and house against fires. When the system senses a fire, it immediately releases an agent to suppress that fire and prevent it from spreading. Within this period of time, you can call a fire department. This protection can save money and, what is more important, human lives. The system is claimed to prevent cooking fires, which may... read more


Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics is a special medical establishment created for people who would like to change their bodies, to enhance the beauty that every person already possesses. The staff of the hospital promises to do this in a safe and comfortable environment. We are going to take a look at the satisfaction of their patients a little bit later. Are they really able to meet the needs of every patient? We are to answer this question later in this review... read more


KettleWorx is an exercise program that comes with a kettle ball that weighs up to five pounds. The order also includes an eBook and a set of DVDs. There are various exercise options, different sized balls, and nutritional supplements for you to choose from. The program is claimed to help you deal with the most important parts of work-outs and physical fitness. These three aspects include resistance, cardio, and the core. The program presupposes twenty-minute workouts... read more

NordicTrack ACT Elliptical

The ACT Commercial 10 is an elliptical with center drive by NordicTrack. The machines from this line are not really commercial - despite their "club feel" they are meant for home use. The NordicTrack ACT Elliptical Commercial 10 is the leading model in its series. It is said to have high quality components, an adjustable stride, a smooth drive, and a 10"-wide touchscreen that allows you to have access to iFit Coach workout programs and surf the web... read more

Weider Pro 4950

Weider Pro 4950 is a relatively new trainer made for overall strength workouts, since it offers 150 pounds weight stack and progressive resistance of up to 325 pounds. This is enough for those who have never visited the gym or simply amateurs. The machine allows you to start with small step with just five pounds. Then you can simply add more pounds. However, this system is not upgradable. If you have ripped muscles, you won't be able to increase resistance beyond 325 pounds... read more

American Home Shield

American Home Shield is a company that offers home warranty, a service agreement. This agreement lasts for one year and covers the replacement or repair of different home appliances and system components that breakdown over time due to normal tear and wear. Being a customer of the warranty you can rely on a vast network of more than 10,000 reputable home repair professionals, low service fees and plan costs. The customer service works 24/7/365... read more

Leesa Mattress

The Leesa mattress is the newest blow of fresh wind in the mattress industry. However, many people have already tried it in real life and report being very pleased with the comfort and quality it offers. Why do they love this mattress so much? Let's try to answer this question by looking at the main aspects of the product. The first one is construction. Leesa mattress has two major components: the layered foams and the cover. The mattress uses three layers of foam... read more

Sweep Easy

Sweep Easy was initially featured on Season 2, Episode 5 of the popular TV program Shark Tank. Actually, it is a 3-in-1 broom that has a retractable scraper to clean any floor type. This sweep can remove food, dried mud and other everyday messes along with stickers, stuck-on gum, and bandages. While using the device you won't need to get on your hands and knees. Sweep Easy is a new and improved model that features an interchangeable metal scraper for more difficult tasks... read more

Keurig Kold

Keurig Kold is a coffee machine, quite large in size. You should know this for you understand whether it will be right for your kitchen countertop. So, you should seriously consider whether you have enough space to locate the machine. It is cleverly engineered, thus, it makes tasty beverages, especially that seltzer. You can choose from more than two dozen varieties. It takes about 90 seconds to make a beverage for this coffee machine. Its cost is nearly $400... read more

Gotham Steel Crisper Tray

Gotham Steel Crisper Tray is a non-stick cooking rack with an elevated construction that allows proper air circulation all around the food being cooked. The peculiarity of the tray is that it can fry your food without any butter or oil, all the grease and fat drip into the tray located below. According to the manufacturer, Gotham Steel Crisper Tray is highly beneficial for people who are taking care of their shape as it helps to decrease the number of calories consumed... read more

Clean Reach

Clean Reach is a scrub brush that features an extendable handle to reach the farthest and narrowest corners of your house easily. The product also has a specially designed cleaning pad that is meant to grab grime and to clean every inch of your house, but it is mainly used for bathroom. With this device, you won't need to bend or kneel any more, according to the manufacturer. Clean Reach's ergonomic handle can extend to the length that is necessary to clean your shower, bathtub, or anything in your home... read more

Sapira Mattress

Sapira Mattress is a new product made by the well-known company called Leesa. It should be mentioned that Sapira Mattress is a sister company to Leesa Sleep. It is based out of Virginia Beach, VA, and has an average "A" BBB rating. This mattress features a combination of performance foam and exclusive pocket springs that are claimed to deliver a perfect sleep experience. The product will be shipped to your home in a box as soon as you order it. Sapira's high-performance foams and... read more

Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn

Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn is a hydro seeding solution that promises to make fill your yard with green grass in an easy and effective way. It's like watering your yard with a garden hose with the Hydro Mousse bottle attached to it. This bottle is responsible for mixing water with the special seed mixture and eco-friendly Spray and Stay solution inside. Then, it is recommended to set the dial on the upper end of the bottle and start seeding. This is an "As Seen on TV" product that is why you may be sure in its high quality... read more

All Reverse Mortgage

All Reverse Mortgage is an online lender who offers reverse mortgages, which are also called home-equity conversion mortgages (HECM). They differ from other reverse-mortgage lenders with government backing, their high-rate customer service, and expertise. The company's original name is United Southwest Mortgage Corporation, who is based in Orange, California. You can reach them at (714) 603-9605. United Southwest was founded in 2004 by Mike Branson who is still the company's CEO. The man has a 30-year experience in the sphere of mortgage business... read more


BasicTalk is a new phone service that makes it possible to make unlimited long distance calls to any phone number in the United States via internet connection. The company is based out of Holmdel, NJ, and was created by Vonage. Crystal clear sound quality can be enjoyed at a low price of just $9.99 per month. In order to use the service you will need to buy a special device that can be ordered directly through their official website at, at or at Walmart stores. BasicTalk units possess all the important features... read more

Borrowers First

Borrowers First is a website based in Texas that offers loans of different amounts, lengths, and interest rates. It is designed for people who experience some tough financial times and need money immediately. Let's see whether this company is worth taking a loan from them by studying what they offer and what their customers are saying about them. They say that their additional mission is to protect borrowers from loan companies with high-interest rates and deceptive practices. BorrowersFirst uses smart and secure technology... read more


If you have found yourself in a financial problem, you may consider taking out a loan through CashNetUSA. This lender promises to provide short-term payday loans and credit lines. It also claims to approve your application almost instantly and provide you with cash the next day. This is an important factor during times of crisis. Are the funds provided by this company worth it? Let's try to answer this question by taking a look at several vital facts. The official lender's website,, provides credit lines in some states... read more

Citizens Disability

You have probably seen a TV ad for Citizens Disability hosted by Alan Thicke and you probably know that the Social Security Disability process can be very frustrating. If you are looking for help, this company claims to assist you navigate the confusing and difficult process of getting disability benefits, including attending hearings and filing paperwork. Citizens Disability is known to have decades of experience but can it really be involved in your disability claim? Are their services worth your money? We tested these claims and here's what we found... read more

Comfort Cube

Whether you're in class, at work, or at home, a high-quality, lightweight desk toy called Comfort Cube will help you relax, focus, and relieve your possible emotional stress. It works by allowing you to focus your attention at flipping, clicking, gliding, rolling spinning, and breathing. This stress toy is a desk gadget designed to increase your focus, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. It can be used in different situations, for example, when you are heading into a stressful work meeting, or feeling excited about some trip... read more